Girbau HS-6008

HS 6008Logi 377x600 - Girbau HS-6008

This highly versatile washer is compact and user-friendly. The HS-6008 has optimal features for maximising productivity and profitability, awarded the Energy Star certification in the United States for optimum energy consumption.

Size:70cm x 68cm x 108cm (LxWxH)
Weight:124 kg

Product Description

Minimises water, electrical energy and detergent consumption ensuring lowest running costs – all while giving a superior washing quality.

The HS-6008 washer has been certified by US body Energy Star to be the most energy saving washer on the market.

Tests carried out by Energy Star on the 9kg washer (HS-6008) demonstrate that this machine uses far less water and electricity than those of other manufacturers.

A washer with reduced energy consumption repays with lower running costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

Features unique to Girbau washers include:

GDRIVE – Girbau’s microprocessor control saves energy, reduces vibration and prolongs machine life.

AQUAFALL – provides a cascade water flow for improved wash action, reduced cycle time and lower water consumption.

AQUAMIXER – mixes hot and cold water precisely to the required temperature, helping to save energy and reduce cycle time

CARE TOUCH DRUM – specially designed without sharp edges to treat fabrics gently and aid water evacuation for lower moisture retention after the final spin.

Control Options

LOGI: For commercial laundries, LOGI control allows users to program all the washing settings. LOGI control incorporates the Just in Load function, which adjusts the water consumption and the dispensing time according to the program selected and the weight of the load.

COIN: For coin-op laundries. Very user-friendly and can be used with a range of payment systems including vending systems, coins or tokens.

Product Features

Drum Volume (litres)79.2
Drum Capacity (kg/lbs)9/20
Extraction RPM/G Force50-970/283