DLS has installed the first Lagoon Advanced Care system on the Scottish Isle of Lewis at Euroclean in Stornoway.  William MacRury, owner of Euroclean, decided on the Lagoon Advanced Care system by DLS because of its environmentally friendly credentials.

DLS have been dealing with Euroclean for many years, so were chosen for this new venture.  The machines were installed within a day once the challenge of finding accommodation and booking ferries due to the coronavirus outbreak were sorted.  William said the Lagoon Advanced Care System is much more versatile than his old perc dry cleaning machine.  Doing wet cleaning with no licence fee and a nice fresh smell in the shop instead of the old solvent smell is much better.  Not only that, but when there is no wet cleaning to do, the machines can still carry on working doing ‘normal’ laundry, so no need for additional machinery, which in turn saves time and money.  All in all, a win – win situation.


At DLS we have been busy updating our lagoon Advanced Care equipment during this quiet time.

We have installed the latest Electrolux 6000 series lagoon Advanced Care machines.  Environmentally friendly, no toxic chemicals and processes a full load in under one hour.