Wet Cleaning

Drycleaning & Laundry Services (DLS) is delighted to offer customers the latest in wet cleaning services.

Lagoon Wet Cleaning, by Electrolux, is the result of a long-term, innovative collaboration with the textile industry and the garment care business. It’s the first – and only – professional wet-cleaning system approved by Woolmark, and it’s the green alternative to traditional professional cleaning methods.

  • Outstanding results assure high customer satisfaction
  • Textiles become brighter, fresher and cleaner
  • Specially developed biodegradable detergents guarantee a high level of eco-compatibility
  • Professional training by Electrolux experts

The use of water and biodegradable detergents, as opposed to chemical solvents, reduces the risk of inhalation, burn and allergies.

The biodegradable detergents used in the process are compliant to the international environmental standards EC 91/155.

professional commercial wet cleaning system


The Lagoon wet-cleaning system from Electrolux is the perfect alternative to traditional cleaning. It combines natural elements such as water and biodegradable detergents – and includes cleaning, drying and finishing equipment.

Water is used as the base for an effective and ecological fibres detersion and regenerating process and the result is a unique system which delivers one step forward in the professional care of delicate garments.

As the first, and only, wet-cleaning system to have been granted endorsement by the Woolmark Company, Lagoon provides a level of comfort and immediate recognition that no other equipment or system can provide.

Dedicated programmes and specially developed detergents, assure superior cleaning results to the most delicate garmets, even the ones labelled ‘dry-clean only’.

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We have an open day coming up soon – Wednesday 28th of March 2018!

Join us in our ‘working showroom’ to experience a full demonstration of lagoon Advanced Care.

More information on the event here.